How to burn .001, .002 files

I just downloaded a movie and it gave me a whole bunch of files labeled author-moviename-xvid.001

all the way down to .049. Now I know how to extract it to watch the movie but I would like to burn it on a dvdr. I understand that you turn it into a .bin and .cue file correct? How would I do this and what will be the best program to burn it. I heard Verbatim DVDr’s are good for this sort of thing correct? Anyways thanks

Ilegal download.

No, not an Illegal download. Can someone please tell me how I would burn this onto a dvd?

If you know how to extract it & have done so , what do you have now?

Those are xvid files and they need to be combined. Download the free HJsplit 2.2 utility and use it. Point it to the 001 file and it will combine them into a single xvid file. you will then need to use some program to convert it into dvd format (unless your player can play xvids). It will play file on a PC (provided you have the right codec installed).

NOTE- Sometimes they are Winrar files but usually when they have “xvid.001” or “avi.001” type ending, they just need to be joined to make one complete file.

HJ split then join them, you got to hope they dont have pass word :slight_smile:

I extracted it and moved it to my documents, now its just one big .avi file. Ill find out how to burn this in the mean time does anyone have any suggestions. Its already joined together now. Thanks!!

Give it ago but you might find that using software like nero to do all the encoding for you from xvid to DVD might send your audio and video out of sync :frowning:

I was thinking about using AVI2DVD

Yeah, right :clap:

If the audio is out of sycn to the video you might have to extract and encode the audio and video seperately, mash them together again and then burn them to dvd

Not everything on the 'net is illegal. Also the MODS have also suggested that the poster be given the benefit of the doubt when asking for help.

I use ConvertXtoDVD to do that myself.

winavi is also another one