How to build your own write strategy?

Another newbie question

After reading so many strat swap post. I am impressed by the quality improvement of the burned discs.

I have a question in mind that Liteon should use some program to generate write strategies for different discs automatically. If my guess is correct, do anyone get some information about the program or procedures? It would be great if we can simply scan our favourite DVDR and build our own write strategy, so we no longer need to wait for the firmware update or trial-and-error for strategy swap. :iagree:

Any comments? :wink:

LOL! If only it were that easy!

It isn’t… I think there is a lot of trial and error involved and the engineers use special tools inhouse that nobody has access to - unless of course codeguy makes a program called “Strategy Builder v1.0” but then I think LITEON would be all over hmi… OR he might be abducted by aliens, whichever comes first :smiley:


write strategy’s are developed my drive manufacturers using special testing equipment to verify the strategy’s quality result.
The things you can check like readout speed an PIE are only part of the aspects of the quality of a DVDR.

Q from me, I’m looking my ass of in the forum to find the following:

is there a way to swap strategy’s in other then benq drive and where do i find it.

We develop our own dvdr media production process and need to force drives to use MCC 001 to get them to write right.


As far as I can see, ALA42’s tool covers quite a few
Either by LOSSLESS (code swapof one code onto another, preserving the code used as the swap strategy - in Liteon, you need Omnipatcher to do this)
Or by editing the code name of the strategy you want, to the code of the media you want it applied to (and if that code already exists, edit it to something else).

Ask Liggy/Herrie and others about the NEC (one of the few where you can make, or at least MIX strategies).

Though the question remains, WHY?

Code-swapping is NOT a universal panacea!
If the drive is well tuned, media should work well on the correct code.

For some drives, code-swapping is usually used as a trick to gain extra write speed - the massive overclockability of lower speed “RICOHJPN” being the best example - media made as quality 2.4x, that can take far more.

For other drives (Liteon!) it has been used to rectify strategies that clearly do not work - the fact that some “popular” swaps are now being retired is a good sign.

Finally, adding/overwriting a code (often a similar make/ID) can often allow a media that’s not coded in the drive, to work better than at default strategy.

Ideally, good media on good drives should not need tampering with.
Equally, bad media is bad media, and bad drives are bad drives, and no amount of tinkering will make a silk purse out of a sows ear.


Thanks for your information
Do you mean you are DVD media manufacturer? What brand are you making?

Maybe you can share some information about the procedures to build a write strategy.

I am also interested in the “learning EEPROM” of Liteon drive. It should be some codes/data to “modify” the write strategy. Maybe only C0deKing can understand what they are :iagree: .


how do i contact liggy/herrie (you have email preferably)
info i want to share is rather confidential so …


We sell manufacturing equipment for DVD-r and +r and supply also process.
Our customers are “new” manufacturers which have “new” MID codes and are by definition not recognised by drive although the processes we supply them with (the media they thus make ) are actually close to mcc 003.

Thus drives should use mcc similair strategy’s but usually revert in case of unknown MID code to some sort of default (less optimal ) quality strategy and thus our customers (read media manufacturers) complain to us process not good, when actually the strategy is at fault.

If anyones interested I know almost all parameters involved in defining a strategy and I must warn you they are quite a few. :-))

For Herrie, you could just visit his website. If you want to contact Liggy, hmmm. no clue :bigsmile:
Maybe you’ll find him on some forums where you could drop him a PM :rolleyes:


I really want more information!

Would you tell me how to build/optimise a burn strategy?
It would be great if you can share some part of procedures or equipment used.

Thanks alot! :slight_smile:

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