How to build-in and install harddisk and DVD drive?

I think I made the boo-boo of a lifetime!!!
If it’s any indication of my (old) age,my handle refers to the Cream song…
Anyways,a few weeks ago I asked & was very well treated by you folks as far as getting a DVD burner & an additional harddrive to give me some free space…
Well,went with a LITEON Super AllWrite DVD writer/rewriter…
Then I went with a Western Digital 320 gig(I believe)harddrive…
To my horror…all that came was the hard drive…no instructions,no dancing girls,nothing,nada!!!
Well friends & neighbors,I my computer prowess could easily be compared to a monkey getting amorous with a football!!!
I’m lost TOTALLY LOST!!!
Any info & help would be oh-so appreciated…
at your mercy…

What are you asking help on here? I’m lost.

Ahhhh I see! don’t worry or be lost just use the [B] Search [/B] at the top of the page and you will find the dancing girls and they will give you all the instructions you… :iagree:


If you have never yourself installed hardware in a computer, you may have some problems right now. But, if you follow the instructions in the respective manuals, sure you can make it.

Regarding HD installation, besides installing the hardawre itself (find the manual and software for your specific model here, it will be necessary to format it. There is specific software from WD that enables you to do it.

Regarding Liteon’s DVD rewriter, you can find the manual here


thanks for the words of encouragemant coathi & G.B. …guess I had NO idea how damn intimidating this would be !!!I’m guessing(& I don’t mean to catagerize)most of you grew up around this stuff…No different than a pin ball machine when I was growing up…But Holy H. Christ this can be some intimidating shit if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing…Guess I drastcally underestimated all this…But,guess I’ll give it one helluva try…


Feel free to post your questions here. I’m sure you will get the necessary help.


Set the right jumpers, plug in the IDE cable, plug in the power, screw it in… Not much more to it than that!