How to build a DVD duplicator tower?

I just a have few questions that I know someone have the answers to. So will you please help me if you can. I want to build a dvd duplicator with HD and motherbord So really it would be a PC with 5 DVD burners. I have everything needed,an controller (arcard)card,dvd burners (5), 9-bay case,600watt powersupply, motherbord and chip,fans,cables…first,do you connect or how do you conect the controller card to the HD or the motherbord ? How would you install XP ? (since this will be also a PC). Is the Master drive(DVD rom , the reader) will also be conected to the motherbord ?
I think that covers it,but if you know of anything that I didn’t ask and I should, to please tell me.
thank you again for the help.
phillip massey