How to brun avi files on DVD for standalone DVD viewing?



Hi, I’m new to this burning dvd’s and hope someone can help,
I’ve downloaded a couple of avi movies from kazza, tried to burn them using nero to my dvd rw, i’d then like to watch movies on my home dvd player, however nero does not accept the avi files, is there something else i have to do? or is this not possible?
Help would be very appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


I sure hope those downloaded avi files are legally obtained, or not copyrighted or whatsoever.

Anyhow, only MPEG video (MPEG2) can be burned on DVD-Video discs. Nero should be able to convert this AVI video’s to MPEG, as soon as you start burning.

But… AVI is not a real format, AVI is a so-called format-container. There can be dozens of video types in an AVI file; maybe you are trying to put AVI files that are encoded with a little more exotic codec, like 3ivx or so, on disc.

I’d suggest to update Nero to the latest version ( If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably need some other software to convert the file to MPEG.


Alos you need the extra nero upgrade that allows you to encode
or you can try encode to mpeg2 elsewhere and import the mpegs into nero