How to bring avi together using Virtual Dub?

I have some avi’s that i would love to bring together but when i add the first one fine. Then comes the second one. And not fine it says can not join. Some freakish error message,like bitrate is not the same. I noticed sometimes they are of very little differance of bitrate. But what could I do. Thanks for the help.

Open the first one.
Select video, direct stream copy.
Selec audio, full processing.
Select File, save .avi and give it a different name.

Do the same for the second one.

Open the first, append the second.

It still says now cannot append segment. The audio streams have different sampling rates. (23893.00000 vs. 23975.00000)

Then you need to do audio separately.
Load the first of your new files, select Audio, full processing.
Select file, save .wav
Open the second file (not append), and do the same.
You will now have two audio files.
Load the first video again, select audio, no audio.
Append the second part.
Select audio, no audio.
Select video, direct stream copy.
Select file, save avi.
You now have a joined video.
Get Goldwave or audacity, open the first .wav
Join the second to it, and select file, save as .wav PCM signed 16 bit.
You now have a joined audio and a joined video.
To put them back together, open virtualdub, open your joined video.
Select audio, wav audio, and browse for the joined .wav

Ok i did that with the video. Saved both as wav. but i open the first one and chose no audio and then go all the way to the right and chose append and still says the same thing.

You don’t need to go all the way to the right to append. Append MEANS to add to the end of…
You are importing ONLY the avi with no audio?
Try this then:
Open the avi in virtualdubmod, select streams, stream list, demux.
This should save out an avi with no audio.
You can then do the same to the second, and join the two, using the joined .wav as the audio.

If you were going to encode this for DVD, it would be simpler to encode the two halves separately, then join the mpeg, either before, or during authoring.

Hi reboot, i am wanting to burn avi`s *2parts to dvd.
What process would i follow. I have nero premium for burning.
You mentioned encoding sperately. What do you use for this and then what do you use to join the mpeg?


OMG, why don’t you just read one of the countless great guides on doom9???