How to break DVD Copy Protection

I have bought 2 PlayStation 2 games:Fifa Street and Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 and I ´ve wanted to copy them.I opened Nero and started to copy and it came near the end and then an error come out and it stopped burning.I don´t know what to do and how to copy them(Alcohol,Nero…).And I have one more question:How to identify and break copy protection?Thank you in advance :bow:

You try clonyxxl that will find the protection that your game have

Sorry for bad English

don’t try ClonyXXL as it is absolutely OUTDATED!
better, and newer, scanner is e.g. A-Ray Scanner ( )
btw: you cannot copy PS2 games that easy, you’ll need to do also modifications to your PS2 to be able to run copies…
if your PS2 is “prepared”, it’s normally enough to use for example alcohol 120% and copy the games using the PlayStation 2 profile… just make sure you burn at lower speed on high quality media… there are several threads here @ cdfreaks which show how to do it…

one more (general) thing: the goal is not to BREAK a copy protection, it’s just to COPY it… :wink: