How to boot my old acer laptop?

good day to all the masters out there i have this problem about my old acer laptop. my sister gave it to me after she resigned in her work. my problems are:

  1. the laptop uses windows 2000 as operating system and i want to replace at with windows xp ( professional/home edition) and it has no internal dvd rom.
  2. since my sister is now working abroad and its hard for me reach her. the laptop is lock and needed the password to open it. what should i do to unlock it?
  3. my sister also gave me an acer dvd-rom model df-2205. but its not working and i dont know if it is still repairable. coz as i connected it to the fort intended for that dvd rom to my old acer laptop. there is no light coming from the dvd rom.
  4. now sir how can i replace my os from windows 2000 to windows xp if my dvd rom intended for my laptop is damage? and i have to boot it first, right? i try to used an external dvd rom which i connect to the usb fort. but the problem my laptop is lock and needed a password. how can i bypass this password?
    thanks you sirs/mam. i hope you can help me with my problem. and to tell you the truth i cant afford to buy a new dvd rom for my old acer laptop. thats why i ask for your help. in order for me to used this laptop for my kds whose studying now. again thanks.

Hello and welcome. First we need to know if it’s a BIOS password, meaning it won’t even start the windows login screen, or if it’s the Windows login password that you don’t have. If it’s the BIOS password your options are limited, but if it’s the login password you might be able to boot into safemode when the computer starts up and from there you might be able to login as ‘guest’ and reset the password. Next, you don’t have to boot the Windows XP install disk to install Windows. As long as you have a working CD rom drive, you mentioned a USB drive, you can run the setup program from the XP disk without booting it. Post back about which password you do not have.