How to boot from an iso 'image'



How can i boot from a ‘bootable iso image’ stored on my hard disc? So i don’t have to write a cd or dvd if that’s possible.

I had read about it some months ago in some magazine. I don’t remember what was it. Any help would be appreciated.


You could use [B]Acronis True Image Home 10.0[/B]


you need a pc emulator to do that (its basicly a software that provides you a sort of virtual pc that you can do nearly everything in it like in your real one , except it doesnt affect you real one in any way (what happens within the virtual pc stays there…) , use virtual pc or virtualbox (both freeware)

@StormJumper i honestly dont see how acronis trueimage got anything to do with it


I believe it will create a Bootable ISO image of your system


of course it will , it is a hard disk backup (imaging) software after all , but notice the topic starter asked how he can boot an iso file without burnning it… which have absolutely nothing to do with disk imaging


PLEASE NOTE I have the program and also have a Bootable ISO Image on my second HD that it made of my system it also made files on a floppy to access the Bootable ISO Image


Only chance is to use some emulation or visualization software like VMWare, otherwise you would reset the computer and it could get no info/notice about the image to boot from…


Bumping this thread because I found a great product through another obscure forum listing and wanted people to know. MobaLiveCD was an extremely simple solution – no installation required. It worked great for me and it’s free. I am thrilled not to have to go through all of this virtual machine installation hassle. – but you can use it like Virtual PC too.


… sigh… too many fools…
I know it’s old but here is the solution:

There you go

You will want to use this with easyBCD


[QUOTE=lampuiho;2601696]… sigh… too many fools…
I know it’s old but here is the solution:

There you go

You will want to use this with easyBCD[/QUOTE]

Thanks, I had the same question as the OP. I like how in a question about booting from an ISO (simple) we get an ISO burner and a QEmu frontend.


Actually, new versions of easyBCD also allow you to config for booting from ISO (no need fro isoemu anymore). But this still won’t let you install OS directly from a windows ISO. You can, however, boot into a liveCD OS to perform backup or do other things.