How to book-type/Bittset With DRU830a?

I have had this drive a while now and am pretty please with it. It seems to be slightly better than the samsung clone i had and sold.

Anyway i was under the impression this drive supports book-typing or bittsetting on +R and DL+R media. ?
According to Nero 7 premium this drive does not support it at all. All of the software i own also will not allow this setting when burning with the drive.

I see in Zevia’s review he was able to set this book-type but how. ???

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

McT :bigsmile::iagree:

This May Help. :flower:

Here is what you’ve been waiting for: Bitsetting utility and regionfreeing utility!!!

Hi Pulsee. :bigsmile::bigsmile:

Many thanks for the advice and threads. But for some reason my drive does not want to allow any type of book-type change. :disagree:

I downloaded the utility and run it. The feature to change to DVDROM is greyed out and i am unable to change it at all. ???:confused:

See pic for visual.

I am now going to follow the advice in the other threads and change the registry to all this. Hopefully it will work.:smiley:

Any more help greatly appreciated.


You have to train it. Put a disc in the drive then open it up. Same way for a dual layered disc.

Sony DRU-830 is a [B]Samsung SH-S182[/B] rebadge.

Hi Rolling. :bow:

I will give it a go now mate. But my hopes are pretty low right now. On the right hand corner of the last pic i attached it states FW no support. This is worrying. But you guys know best so i will try and report back. :iagree::iagree:

Many thanks.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes indeed [mciachel]this drive should bitset (temporal only) with Nero - CD/DVDSpeed etc.
In Zevias’ review this implied to.i.e. That Nero was used to achieve this.
In fact I have a quote from the review "This feature can be changed with the i.e. the Book Type settings in Nero Burning ROM under the Choose Recorder option:"

Not sure how the Lite-On bit crept in.

Yes this is correct mate. Thats why i bought the drive but it seems this unit will not book type with this firmware. :disagree::disagree:

@Rolling - I tried opening the tray and reloading and pressing quirey but nothing different from what i posted in the attached pic.
It states the FW does not support it. ???:confused::confused:


Hey Zebs. :clap:

On my setup the option dissapears when this drive is selected. :iagree::iagree: See attached pics.

just for visual, here is the LG H44N that will book-type fine and the other is the DRU 830a. This is when the option dissapears and does not work on any +R media.

Hi :slight_smile:
You can stand on your head while trying this too.
It still won’t work.
It’s not a Lite-On (or clone).
If Nero doesn’t work then the f/w has to have some form of prevention.
Have you (can you) revert to an earlier f/w?

Good point Zebs. I think i will make that the next aim as this firmware is pretty new in the last 4 months i think. Zevias review has been up a while so the compatibility may be in there somewhere.

I will get back to you.

Thanks for the idea mate. :iagree::bigsmile:

So there might be an issue with the firmware or your Nero version. You might try ImgBurn. This would at least rule out software issues.

Older firmwares can be found here:
Also, it is possible to crossflash the drive to Samsung SH-S182D firmware. Risky and of course voiding warranty.

It states the FW does not support it. ???:confused::confused:
A Liteon utility won’t work with drives made by other manufacturers. No reason to be confused here :bigsmile:


Ok i have flashed back to the earliest firmware version i could find what is SS22. I have then checked all the programs like nero, cd speed, Imgburn. All reported not supported by the drive.

All other drives are fine and will allow book-typing if it is not already auto set in the firmware. This is the only drive i have that will not do so.

I am also now updating my version of nero 7. Hopefully this could help but i doubt it anyhow. :disagree:

But i am willing to try anything.

Thanks to all for the input. Any other information welcome.

I also tried flashing with codekings RPC1 firmware and even attempted to patch it with omipatcher but to no avail.

I really have tried everything except flashing the drive what i dont want to do. :disagree::disagree:

Stupid question: Is there any possibility to try the drive in another computer?

This is a very good question. :iagree::iagree: But sadly i dont own another desktop as it was recently sold to pay for upgrades for this system. :bigsmile::sad:

BUT DO NOT FEAR !!! I HAVE SUCCESS :iagree::bow::clap:

After flashing to codekings RPC1 firmware, i also mentioned in a earlier post that i was in the process of upgrading my nero. I downloaded 178MB update for nero 7.
I went back to the nero cd speed option of book-type and the same greyed out sections. So i opend nero burning rom and selected the drive. This time the option was available and i was able to change it to rom.
I then opened IMGBURN and proceeded to booktpye options. I pressed advanced and selected Samsung and entered DRU 830a in the space. When i opened the Samsung tab and selected to book-type +R media it did not say the usual " NOT SUPPORTED". It stated unknown !!. So i proceeded to change the booktype and it said successful. :bow::clap:

I then kept IMGBURN open and burned a DVD in nero cd speed for a test. And by god it came out DVD ROM !!!

Just need to test this and confirm this will work with burning apps and programs. But the initial problem has been worked around.

Many thanks to all that gave input and keept the idea alive as prosistence found a way.:slight_smile:

I guess updating my Nero may have update the ASPI driver ?? this could have helped. ??? Any comment welcome.