How to best region-free my LTD163D?

Is it just a matter of using DVD Genie or should I use the RPC 1 utility?

(I’m a relative newbie to DVD)


You can go here
download R1211.exe to turn RPC off

thanks wys… but just a clarification if i may… if i use dvd genie each time i don’t need rpc… and if i use rpc once i never have to use dvd genie… right?

one is hardware region free, the other is software.
these two are needed.

ok… thanks again for the help :slight_smile:

now I need some reassurance because I don’t like what I just saw in Device Manager :frowning:

I downloaded R1211 and used it to turn RPC off. I then used Erwin van den Berg’s utility, Drive Region Info v2.1. After placing a region-specific DVD in the drive I ran it and it reported “THIS DRIVE HAS NO REGION PROTECTION” … so I assuming the patch worked.

I also installed DVD Genie and PowerDVD which came with my drive.

On the DVD Region tab in Device Manager properties for my drive it says Changes Remaining: 1 … is that for real, or just some count that Windows is keeping internally which shouldn’t worry me because of what Drive Region Info has already reported?

thanks again.

When your dvdrom is region free,
this message is correct, don’t worry.
your just use dvd genius to open the dvd player,
then don’t care RPC.

rpc2 = the dvd player check the region
rpc1 = the dvd player doesn’t check the region

Besides the rpc thing, Windows + dvdplayer (Windvd, Powerdvd) also check the region, you can bypass this check with DvdGenie.