How to best maintain laptop battery life?



I just bought a new laptop for my girlfriend and I want to figure out the best way for her to prolong the battery life. My sister’s laptop battery sucks and is only a year old. I’m sure it’s because she always keeps it plugged in. I know that most batteries lose life if you consantly charge them, but doesn’t the computer run slower when it’s not plugged in? I’d like to be able to have the computer plugged in, but not trying to charge the battery. Is there any way to do this short of taking the battery out? All suggestions welcome.

  1. make sure its as discharged as possible before recharging
  2. When charging, make sure you fully charge it
  3. if you intend to use it at home with access to AC power, remove the battery first. AFAIK without soldering a switch onto the motherboard there is no way to stop it charging.

My friend kept his on constant charge 24/7 and after a year, the battery now lasts about 5 minutes from full charge… I did the 3 things above and 3 years on, i still get about 90 mins use from a full battery.


That’s useful! So, before you remove your battery and totally use AC power for your laptop, do u fully charge the battery first? Or do u completely discharge it?


A lot of newer laptops have the Lithium Ion batteries in them, the Compaq I just got has it in it. Here is a link about prolonging the life of them.


Is there any software that will controll how my hardware connects to the battery.
In other words, when the battery is fully charged and plugged into the AC, the AC adapter powers that computer only; and when the computer is off, the AC adapter sees an open circuit.
I know that is a bit confusing, but wouldn’t that put significantly less stress on the battery?


To answer your question quickly - yes the battery may have been damaged because it’s always plugged in and charging.

I’ve read that there are several ways to prolong a laptop battery’s life by proper maintenance. I’ve even heard of absurd ways that clearly are not connected with the battery anymore. :rolleyes:

Here’s an article which I recommend you read if you’re interested in how to prolong your laptop or notebook battery’s life -