How to best burn divx so it can be played in DVD player?

Basically ive got video files. Purely as an example say i have a divx file or file thats identified as a video clip what is the best way to write these so that i can play em on a dvd player. im also using nero. ive tried many different ways all of which have been useless.

Hers a screenie of the info i have this is purely an example of the files im trying to use.

Any help greatly appreciated

some standalone dvd players are able to read divx, but I don’t know if are able to read also XVID files (your seem a xvid, not a divx)

however, to play this movie on a standalone dvd player you must first convert it in dvd format (ie convert xvid file into vob files)

to make this conversion you need a specific software. there are many softwares to do this, some freeware other at payment

to find a tool try to search here

after this conversion (can be a long process depending on your CPU power) you can burn resulting files onto a DVD with nero choosing

new compilation --> DVD video

a standalone DVD player need to have the movie title ALL IN CAPITALIZED LETTERS and all words must be separated with underscore “_” (no spaces) and all vob files must be inserted into VIDEO_TS directory

hope this can help


It looks like your sample is a TV episode , judging by the time (42mins).

I tend to make these VCD or SVCD & burn onto CD-RW, just to watch them & then overwrite. This is obviously a cheaper & far quicker option , especially if you have , say, 24 of them to watch. The quality is fine for this length of video clip.

The link above is still good though.

Thanx for the help guys its much appreciated now too check out the free software

Does any1 know of any of the free programs i cant find any ?

vso divx to dvd nice, fast and free, but doesn`t add chapters.

avi2dvd doesn`t support as many formats as vso but has more options and is also free.

i tend to use avi2dvd most.