How to best automate AVI process?


I’ve got the following issue that is keeping me busy for days.
I have 56 video clips taken from my Canon camera.
The output file has 20000 fps and their frame size is 320x240.
Since I use “Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus” to burn them to DVD, it does not accept these AVI files because they are out of standard with their fps.

As a result,in order to provide an AVI file that Pinnacle can then convert to MPEG2, I use VirtualDub, but the number of processes I need to do for every file are so many that I hope there’s a way to automate them:

  1. Filter Resize 352x288 adding a frame of 720x576
  2. Change the frame rate from 20000 to 25000 fps
  3. Change so video and audio durations match (25000)
  4. Compress (but maybe is not a good idea) using PICVideo MJPEG Codec, Quality 20.

Finally, I can upload the video clips in Pinnacle for encoding.

I came to the decision to use VirtualDub, because is the only software I know that can do all of this.

You can understand that if I have to do all of this for 56 clips on a manual way, it would take me 1 day and I’ve already spent far too long time testing other solutions.

Is there a way to automate it?
If yes, can you describe it in detail so that I can use it successfully?

Thanks very much for your help!

Alex :sad:

PS: I had found a good solution using TMPGE and encoding all the files into MPEG2.
The problem (and the great limit) of Pinnacle is that once it gets MPEG files, it encodes them again, even if I set the same encoding parameters in TMPGE.
As a result, I had to give up to this option.

use nero visionexpress 3. start it/more/configure…
restart it, always keep MORE available , for extra options…
make dvd/dvd-video…

That was my intention at the beginning, but I did not mention in my post that together with the video clips I have about 2000 still pictures and NVE does not allow to mix Stills and Video in the same Chapter.