How to beat this copy protection?

guys…help on this one…i’m trying to copy a friends vcd for my own copy…when i tried copying it using nero…it wont get past the first step…(reading cd)…then when i checked the file…it was around 987mb.also i saw that mediaplayer classic was also included in the main directory together with an autorun.inf… i think it states to play with mediaplayer classic…i cant play this cd on my pc but i can play it on my vcd player…anyone knows how to beat this? tnx

Hi Oversoul,

Try scanning with Aray Scanner v2

Then telling us the protection of the disc.


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The problem is obvious to a professional CD freak such as myself, is a bad CD drive. You need to purchase a new one (I reccomend no name cheap brands that are used) from

That should fix your problem, we CD Freaks are always glad to help.


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i tried what you said…using scan it says vcd signs found.then using sector scan it says no protection detected,… but i still cant copy this vcd

If you cant get it to copy using Nero then try using BlindWrite, CloneCD or Alcohol120.

Id say Alcohol 120% would be the best choice. VCD files do appear bigger through explorer.

hello…i’ve tried using clony xxl to scan…it still doesnt detect any copy protection…then i used alcohol 120% to copy…but it doesnt work when i used cd to image copy because it copied for over an hour or so it was stuck at 87% reading a lot of read errors…my guess is that part is really empty but the one who protected the cd made a dummy file? i dont know because clony xxl had a setting to check for dummy file but it still didnt detect it…

here is the info from clony xxl

LENGTH 95:35:51
files 14
folders 5 the overburn box shows a check besides it
sectors 430176
data tracks 42
audio tracks 23

the skulls dont show any copy protection

info from aray but i cant get it to finish

size 840mb
length 95:35:52
sectors 430327
data tracks 19
audio tracks 46

here is more info…using windows explorer

drive G: VCD
under vcd are
CDI folder
under this folder are
CDI_IMAG.RTF size = 1477 kb
CDI_VCD.APP 100 kb
EXT folder
LOT_X.VCD 64kb
MPEGAV folder
AVSEQ01.dat 1,010,858 kb ==this looks like the hack to me
SEGMENT folder

VCD folder
LOT.VCD 64kb

autorun.inf file 1kb
opening this file gives the following text

OPEN=mplayerc.exe \mpegav\avseq01.dat

mplayerc.exe file 745 kb

anyone got ideas? thanks

Sounds for me your CD is scratched?

no… it’s not scratched…i looked at the back it looks brand new…maybe there’s a setting i need to use in alcohol 120???

Yeah, you could try reading in a tolerable reader e.g. Lite-on DVD rom; this means that it will hopefully produce a decent image. Have you tried the VCD profile with BAD sectors? Remember read at the slowest possible speed (1x). It may takes ages but hey thats the price for not using a jewel case


That won’t prevent the read errors at the end… Alcohol tries to read the CD 'till the 95 min mark, as written in the cd’s TOC…
But if you’re patient enough (or you can try cancelling the image creation when you’re after the 80 mins mark but keep the partial image when alcohol asks you), you should get a good image.
If you want to burn this image, you’ll have to use an hex editor to cut the “55555555555…” (ie bad sectors) at the end of the file (to make the CD fit on a 80 mins CD-R(W) )

i’ve done a bit of searching and i found this…i think this copy protection is overburning i guess… but this cd is over 95 mins while in this faq it’s only 83 mins? help pls. : )

This CD has not been overburnt, it’s just the TOC (Table of contents) that has been modified so that it appears to contain much more data than it really does.

From what you’ve said, the cd maybe a 99min disk, which is why the drive reads to a certain point and displays errors towards the end of disk, therefore your drive cant read the disk properly.

However the info from array/cloney is odd as it displays audio and data tracks, vcd’s only have data tracks, per say, an audio track would indicate an audio cd, or both programs cant read cd properly.

This could end up being disturbing, but whats the vcd your trying to back up?

Try isobuster, run it and it should show the files on the VCD then you need to right click on AVSEQ01.dat (the actual video file) and extract but filter mpeg video.

You will end up with the normal mpeg video file on your harddrive. Try playing this and if it works right up to the end then it means a good extract, you just need to create a VCD compilation with Nero and burn.

I hope this helps, because it worked for me, except mine was under 80 mins.

i see…how in the world did they do this?

I believ its Hexalock from Search for hexalock