How to beat rapidshare and megaupload download barriers



how to beat rapidshare and megaupload download barriers

sometimes i download mp3z from rapidshare or megaupload and some others (yousendit, sendspace, etc…)

with rapidshare,

i have the problem of losing track of my downloads. sometimes it says DOWNLOAD SESSION INVALID after waiting, doing everything right (typing in the verification code) and even refreshing the page don’t help.

rapidshare also gives the problem of repeatedly asking me to sign up for a premium account (which i don’t need or want right now).

bottom line, what do you peopel do when rapidshare gives you these problems with downloading mp3z? do you give up on that particular mp3 or are there some resources you use to get through the b.s?

with megaupload, it gives me the ALL SLOTS IN YOUR COUNTRY ARE IN USE. Akhh, What to do here?


you have to be patient, that’s all.

these sites are free and use those premium account ads to make money or have limited download slots because there’s only so much bandwidth.

I’s say that a way around the problem would be to buy the cd that the song is on but we all know you’re not talking about commercially available music anyway since that would be against the forum rules.

so um yeah…if you don’t like the way those companies do their business and you’re unsatisfied with the services they offer, I’d say just don’t use them since they can do whatever they want to…


There is a pai for service of yousendit and that gives more access and features. So to get round the limits pay.


exactly. you get what you pay for!

if you don’t want to upgrade to the premium account or whatever then you’re stuck. that’s the incentive for upgrading. if they offered the EXACT same services for free as they did with the pay account then no one would want to pay now would they?


Just get LimeWire for music.


We are ofcourse talking the none-commercial music.