How to beat a dvd



Alright… my new Maddog dvd 7in1 + - whatever DVD burning drive arrives tommorrow:D

I was told to use a trio of programs, which are Nero, DVD Shrink, and DVD Decryptor. Seeing as it took me nearly 4 months to lern how to properly learn Alcohol, Alcoholer, and ClonyXXL, I thought I would turn my questions to the brilliant minds of Club CD Freaks for advice.

Obviously, my DVD’s are going to have copy protection. In what order do I use the programs… NERO, DVD, DVD shrink, DVD Decryptor (per otr member) right?

Then specifically, are the steps difficult from getting from one program to another? With Clony, it tells Alcoholer what type of protection, then Alcoholer starts Alcohol… simple.

If anyone can direct me with this I would greatly appreciate it.:bow:


Hi joshanthony ,

You can use various programs and various methods to make backups of your own dvd video discs :

The expensive method

Purchase AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.
Install AnyDVD , reboot
Install CloneDVD2 , reboot
Activate AnyDVD
Insert dvd-video disc and close dvd playback software that automatically starts.
Start up CloneDVD2 and follow the user interface

The cheap method

Download DVDGenie
Download DVDShrink
Install DVDGenie , DVDShrink , your OEM version of Nero and your OEM version of your dvd playback software

Install DVDGenie
Install DVDShrink
Install Nero OEM
Install dvd playback software

Open DVDGenie and make your OS and dvd playback software region free
Open DVDShrink , deep analyse the dvd-video and make a nice backup of it on your harddisk
Close DVDGenie , Close DVDshrink
Open up Nero OEM , select the dvd-video template and write the shrinked movie.

Using some googling , studying and browsing the cdfreaks forums, you’d be writing your own dvd video discs within 30 minutes.


OEM Playback software… is that something my pc should already have? I just received the drive from MICRO centers (1 day early) guess I made the cutoff… so I will try this tonight.

If you could just let me know what an OEM playback is I think I should be all set.