How To Backup Tropico Game



Hi guys i just bought me the game Tropico , someone know how to make a copy
(clonecd and nero is not working they dont want to start reading the original cd?)



check for a how-to


I made a perfect cop with clonecd. It just took all night to read.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


This one is dead easy, do it in 20 minutes.
All you need do is to COPY the contents of the cd to a temp directory.
Download the latest patch for the game, v1.02, this is only a new tropico.exe.
Replace the tropico.exe in your temp directory with the new one and just burn the contents of the temp directory to a blank with label ‘TROPICO’
With patch v1.01 they changed the copy protection scheme to a simpler one, i.e. it is now only a simple cd check!