How to backup splinter cell for PS2?

I’ve tried TWICE to back up my Splinter Cell for PS2, with recordnow max first and then with Alcohol 120%, however Ive got the same problem with both copies.

Once I get to the screen where I have to choose a previously saved game from my memory card (or a new one), just after choosing one of both options (no matter which one i choose, its always the same), my PS2 stops reading the DVD and returns to the main menu with this typical message: “Please insert a valid PlayStation or PlayStation2 cd” (or something like that…)

Anyone can help? Is this a new type of protection??

Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

No protection.
I just recordnowmax and no problem.
Sony dru 500 and verbatim dvd-R

What speed are you burning ??? It can make a difference…Try one speed…

This a very obvious question, but did you mod your PS2?

how’d u get splinter cell for ps2 already? i dun think it’s out yet. well newho, i just ordered a magic 3.1 modchip and was wondering wut specific programs should i use to burn dvds, i have a hp dvd burner, i don’t trust the software that came with it so i was wondering if theres ne programs that are specifically designed to burn ps2 dvd games and actually work and is compatible with my burner, holla back.

this game is known to have a PROTECTION.

read some info on ps2 dedicated forums

Well…mine copied perfectly,

Some people seem to be having issues with this and some don’t. I don’t think anyone knows why it does this yet, whether its a form of mod protection or just a quirk in the game. Anyways I have a v7 GH-019 w/ Messiah2 1.22a and burned the game on Ritek G03 which plays without that issue.


This is an issue with some combinations of modchips and PS2 Versions. Most notably Magic 3.1’s and PS2 v7 's.

The fix is, To Press Eject to open the DVD and eject again to close whenever you save or load a game. This is to “Wake up” the modchip for another media check by the game.

This mostly happens to people who have a V7 PS2 since these were the ones that have a double cd check routine, and so Splinter Cell fails the verification check on the save game screen


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I have a Toshiba SD-5002 DVD burner. And have burned many PS2 DVD-R games on to Verbatim Media. The Magic 3.6 mod chip playstation v7 work great to read these back ups.

The other day I came accross

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets (my brother in law likes it 7 years old)

I noticed it is a Compact Disc ! so I popped in a maxell cd-r 700 meg blank and ran Alcohol 120% and chose the make image wizard with the playstation 2 data type selected. Then for burning wizard made sure playstation 2 data type was selected and it burnered 4x ok with no errors.

but it freezes on the loading ssequence (black screen and a series of stars begin to pop up) I get two in the bottom left hand corner and it just freezes.

Do I need a 650 mb disc for this?

Is it failing the ps2 cd check because it is 700 mb disc?



I always use for DVD Record Now Max for PS2,

Óriginal PS2 CDs i clone :stuck_out_tongue: