HOw to backup SIms 2 DVD?

Ok I got Sims 2 DVD but I dont’ know how to back it up.
I have TDK 8x Dual Layer DVD burner and Liteon Dual layer DVD burner and I’ave tried Alc 120% and Blindwrite but nothing seems to work so what should I do? I dont’ want to use my orginal since I’ve paid $50 for it and my game is loaded on my laptop so as you can see I don’t wat to scratch the disk (it’s a mobile system so a mobile disk).


I don’t know of any working solution to backing this up to DVD yet.
what I would suggest is, if you have the HDD space you can rip an image with A120% and just play the game from A120%'s virtual drive.


Clone CD can do it via emulation. Download the trial and give it a go.

I’ve tried it with clone but it detects it as an emultion software and it won’t load. It takes 3 mintues to load and then it says “Emulaton software detected”. :frowning:
So what do you do in clonecd?

CloneCD won’t make a copy, emulating or not!

Clone CD Stinks…Just Like The Ones That Use It…, Alcohol Is The Best Game Coping Software Exept For “Securom 5”…Just Read It With Alcohol 120% Mount It In The Virtual Drive Or Simply [Read the forum rulesreferences and link to crack deleted … philamber]
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Clone CD Stinks…Just Like The Ones That Use It
@BioX: Game Fixes stinks…just like the ones who use them. Man youve posted 16 times, and the ones I’ve seen are about copying other peoples games and now fixes. Why dont you go back to your warez/crack/patch forum and be a guinea pig for the seniors and moderators there so they can fill your system with hijackers, trojans, and keyloggers, spyware, adware and malware, empty your bank accounts, and use your credit card number. Then tell you how smart you are and how happy they are that your on their forum. If you really wanna stay here at least try to type legal, helpful, informative post’s.

Alcohol Is The Best Game Coping Software Exept For “Securom 5”…
I actually agree with you, that is why I bought Alcohol. Securom 5 blacklisting issues can be easily overcome with a little registry edit though.