How to backup PS2 games?

I bought a DVD burner recently, and I already modded my PlayStation2 (No solder mod w/Swap Magic). How do I burn PS2 games? Do I need special patch or anything like that? What program should I use? If anyone know any links or articles that teachs how to burn PS2 games please help. Thanks.

ps2 games have no special copyprotection, i make all my backups with dvddecrypter in iso mode.

it worked well all the time.

You can also Use Alcohol 120% and select the PS 2 profile, it works for me every time, but as herbei was saying DVDDecrpyter dose the same job just as good. Just make sure you are using good quality media and not some rubbish media or your PS2 might have problems reading the Back-ups

Where can a find a trial version of Alcohol or dvdecrypter? Thanks for the help.

DVD Decrypter is free.

Yes for cd based backups because there is no datatype for dvd based games.
I use dvd decryptor or alcohol or recordnow max for dvd based and alcohol or clone for cd based…

I got it to work. I successfully backed up Ace Combat 4 using Alcohol 120%. Thanks everyone.

make a image
burn image
at slow speed