How to backup protected DVD (Japanese)

First,…I have never had any problems burning backup copy’s of any of my DVD’s. I now how one DVD I purchased off of ebay from Japan and can’t back it up with any tools I have, Clone,Shrink, Decrypt or Nero. The one aspect I can tell you it will only play in a Home DVD Player and will not play in my computer!!! Is the a SVCD or VCD? If so how do I tell and how do I back it up?
When it is my Plextor drive in my CPU not only will it not play, I can’t seem to even look at the disc in Explorer etc… :doh:

All help appreciated,

There is a free, 21 day trial available for AnyDVD. I’d try this first.
There is a ripper included, but you can also use AnyDVD in combination with DVDShrink. AnyDVD will do the work necessary to break the encryption.

When you put it in the drive, does it show up at all? The title of the dvd should appear on the drive in My Computer.

Do you have autorun enabled? I am only wondering if it has a protection scheme like some cds and games that automatically start up when you have autorun enabled.

Edit: Had another thought. You might try ISOBuster on it, just to see if you can open the disk and explore the files.


What is the name of the japanise movie that you are trying to copy?
I never heard of a DVD that is PC unreadable.

I haven’t either, but I have definitely heard of friends buying films that looked like Japanese releases on eBay and having them be bootlegs instead, which would copy very slowly or be totally unreadable.

The only thing I haven’t tried is an ISO. This DVD is a real baffle to me :doh:
Funny thing is windows explorer dosen’t even show files…zero nothing!!! Seems to hang up the computer…but DVD home player works fine…ARGHHHH!!



Not a movie but a concert…dosen’t matter who it is…still a DVD…WTF!!!
Very Strange!!

Are you positive it’s an original? Is there an IFPI logo in the center hub? If there is, you’ve likely got bootleg.

What about regions? Does the disc say it’s all region, or is it a region specific to Japan?

I think it is a bootleg, front has DVD-9, on the back the hub has Dolphin-D880 on it. Any DVD wouldn’t rip it either!

I once found a DVD that was totally unrecognizable on any DVD burner. However, it was readable on a ROM drive.