How to backup original fw

hi experts,

can someone pleaz show me how i could backup or save the original factory fw that shipped with LG-GSA H10N?
The original is JL10 but how can i save it for backward flash incase i need it?
i searched this forum for answers but couldn’t find any. Forgive me if it’s hidden somewhere that i missed.
thanx all

there is no tool that can do that.
see the LG DVD FAQ, Q19
however JL10 can be downloaded from the net if you need to flash back to it.

I’m not so sure about being able to download JL10. I think JL10 is the original firmware the H10N shipped with. As such, LG will not make it available for download.

my bad, you are correct karangguni.
only JL11 can be downloaded from the 'net.