How to Backup Neverwinter Nights

Ok I just successfully backed up Neverwinter Nights, here are the steps. :cool:

OS: Windows XP
CD-RW: LG 8320b
Clone CD: Version

  1. Make sure you have the most recient version of Clone CD. Version
  2. Download and install the Clone CD profiles.
  3. Make sure Clone CD Tray is running and ‘Hide CDR Media’ is not checked.
  4. If ‘Hide CDR Media’ is grayed out then change your location to Canada (English) in your Regional Setting from the Control Panel.
  5. Stick in your Neverwinter Nights CD and read it using the “Protect CD Read” profile.
  6. When finished reading, remove the Neverwinter Nights CD and stick in a CDR (I used a CDRW).
  7. Write the CD Using the ‘SecuRom’ profile.
  8. If you plan to used your CDR to run the game (I do), you will need to enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ before you insert the CD as the game checks this.

Good Luck