How to backup my MSDN DVD?

The DVD is too large to fit on one of my 4.7GB disks. Is there a way to put it on 2 4.7GB disks and have it ask for the second disk? I just want to be able to install from my backup if need be. TIA.

Nope is the simple answer.

You could try one of the following,

  1. Burn it to a larger disc
  2. Keep the image on your hard drive and run it from a virtual drive.

Are you sure that it is larger than 4.7gb? Sometimes the copy protection on the DVD will show a larger images/ file size than is actually present. Some CD when copied to your hard drive will show up as 900mbs+ .

The data on the msn disk is almost 6GB. I don’t want to buy a DL disk so that is out. Any other ideas?

Microsoft often uses a utility called CDImage to fit more data on a normal capacity CD/DVD ; if you look at the track size instead of the sum of all the files’ sizes, you’ll probably find that it’s under 4.7 GB. If it is, any CD/DVD copying app (even Nero or EZCD) can copy such DVD.