How to backup my DVDs to double layer?

I have been backing up my DVDs to a single layer DVD with DVD Shrink, or AnyDVD when needed.

Now I have replaced my old DVD burner with one that can burn double-layer DVDs. The software that came with the burner is Nero 1.2.

Question #1: What software do I need to rip a DVD to my hard drive for burning to a double-layer DVD?

Question #2: Will the double-layer DVD be able to be played on a DVD player for TV?

i use dvdfab 3 to burn my dvds,and most of the dvd players should play DL.i have about 4 years old panasonic home theatre which plays any DL’s with no problem.

The best way to rip and burn to dual layer media is to use DVDDecrypter in ISO Read mode. This will give you an ISO image file and a small md5 file. You can then use IMGBurn to burn to your DL disk. Load the md5 file into IMGBurn in Write mode. Set your burn speed to 2.4 or 4x for safest burning. The reason to use Decrypter and IMGBurn is that this combination will set the layer break correctly, whereas some other burning programs (cough Nero cough) don’t always do so.

And always use Verbatim +R dual layer disks. There just aren’t any reliable substitutes at the present time

If you have a newer dvd that has encryption that DVDDecrypter can’t handle on its own, I suggest using AnyDVD to run in the background and rip with Decrypter. You could also use RipIt4Me, but its future is now in doubt.

The programs I’ve mentioned are free except for AnyDVD but you already have it. DVDDecrypter can be found at , among other places, and ImgBurn is at

Still you would be OK with combination of DVD Shrink+Nero for your new drive.