How to backup my drivers

I would like to get an individual copy for each driver currently being used on my Windows 98 SE computer in case the is a problem and I have to install the drivers all over again. I don’t currently have any copies. If these drivers can be copied to a floppy from my system, how does one go about finding them and saving them. Thanks in advance

Why not go to your component’s makers and download the drivers?

I help friends and family with their PCs and whenever I need to download a driver for them or me I save a copy to my HDD. When I have enough I burn them to CDR for future use and so build a library of drivers. I do the same for useful utilities.

Its been so long since I had last used win98, but if there is a similar option to WinXP, there is a way to know the exact dll name of the driver and also get any other name.ext of that same file type related to th driver. When going into device manager, you can get properties of a particular device and then click driver details and it shows the file used, and its location in windows. Don’t forget the name.inf file as well. I guess to test it you can back all these up on cd and then try to upgrade the driver and install it over itself.

Personally I would visit each hardware web site and go to the support section, grab the latest driver, and then burn all that onto a cd.

try WinDriver Ghost
good luck

I usually go to the manufacturers site sites, grab them and burn them also.

I have been using windrivers backup freeware software. This is from their site:

WinDriversBackup Personal Edition is a free utility for personal, non-commercial use, provided by JerMar Software Corp. specifically for backing up your Windows system driver files.

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