How to backup Hitman 3 for PS2?

How do I back up Hitman 3 on PS2? I used Alcohol 120% but it didn’t work. I searched but all the threads are about the PC version. What protection does Hitman 3 has, and how can I defeat it? Thanks.

P.S. I have a Ver. 6 PS2, GameShark and Swap Magic 2.0.

Did you select Playstation 2 from the Datatype Dropdown at the bottom ?
Worked fine for me

and me :wink:

I followed the instruction posted here.

I give up, I tried again, but it still doesnt work.

Did you remember to have a modchip installed in your PS2??

Yes, I have a no solder chip. The last game I backed up is Ace Cobmat 4, it worked.

Are you using a different kind of media, that may be the cause of your problems too, I’ve read that the PS2 can be really picky.

I used the same kind of DVD-R that I used last time. I bought them at Fry’s, so it’s not name brand.

do like this : enter nero or other burning program
2. make a image of the game …
3. burn the image with the burning program IN A SLOOOOOOOW SPEED
4. play and have fun

but remember slooow speed else it wont work