How to backup games for modded PS2?

Hi I am completely new at all this. I have a moded PS2 and I’m trying to back up my games. I have gamejack 4.0 and many others. But I can’t figure out how to use it nor can I find the directions. Is there a forum for instruction on how to use different copying programs?

The single layer games will copy normally. Just use Alcohol 120% and it’ll copy fine. Personally I use no-solder modchip + SwapMagic. If you have a newer PS2, you can try fliptop + SwapMagic.

How do I copy a dual layer game and also how can I tell the difference between a dual and single layer game?

Personally i’d go with dvddecrypter for ps2 backups.
The difference, you’ll find it out very soon if you’ve a DL game, look at the size for example more than 5 gigs and you’ve a DL. You can burn the DL also with the mentioned
tool and you need a modchip which supports reading DVD-9 in some cases you’ll need the toxic dl patcher.

oic thanks. I have alcohol 120%. Can I burn a dual layer disk onto a blank dual layer disk with alochol 120%? If so do I do it the same way as a single layer disk? Sorry if these questions are stupid but I’m just starting out and I’ve gotten great help. Thanks guys!

You’ll need a patch for dual layer games. Usually it’s not worth the trouble. I tried to back up my GT4, it didn’t work. Either just wait for a DVD5 iso or not back it up at all. The way you check if the game is dual layer is check to see if the game is bigger than 4.5gb, if it’s bigger than 4.5gb then it’s dual layer.

DVD Decrypter…



Two steps, all done.

Dual-layer discs aren’t worth the trouble, but there are patches out there to make them work on dual-layer blanks (which still cost $2-$3 each, sadly) or to “rip” them and make them work on single-layer blanks. But since such patches are considered pretty dodgy (on the order of “cracks”), we can’t really point you directly at them here. :wink:

Isn’t it like… also possible to ‘mod’ a PS2 with some kind of boot disk? Thought I had read that somewhere lately.

Sort of. The problem is getting the new disk into the drive. Methods include:

  1. Jamming a knife into the drive and PRYING it open. This is called… wait for it… the “knife trick”. Yikes!

  2. Putting a replacement top on your PS2 that exposes the drive and laser, then reaching in and removing the disc while it’s spinning (and while the laser is shining) and replacing it. This is called a “flip top” and is probably even worse than the KNIFE TRICK.

  3. “Slide card”. This is like the knife trick, only it uses a credit card instead of a knife. MARGINALLY better for the machine.

  4. No-solder MOD. This is a $30 gizmo that plugs into your USB port, and USUALLY stops the disc and lets you eject and replace it with another one. The problem of course, is that you STILL have to do a swap (or TWO) and you have to have a disc with a bigger Table of Contents (TOC) than the game you want to play.

Also remember that compatibility is rather limited. We’re talking only about 75% of games play with the swap trick. No dual-layer games at all.

It is possible to back up GT4 on a dvd-5. I found the instuctions at but I dont know if they are still there or not due to the law changing over there. Not sure if they have been affected yet.