How to backup files from HD to multiple DVDs

Back in those days (20 years ago) when there was only 1.44mb floopy and my files were in the range of mb only, I backup my files by simply running OS backup (I think) to multiple floopies.

Now I was wondering, how to backup 40gigs of files to multiple DVDs? Currently I rely only on my hdd, but if this one fails, I’m dead!

I figured that given 6-7 minutes per DVDs @12x, its going to take about an hour for 10 dvds, so no problem about time. Any ideas how and what software to use? (other than ghost, or ghost is the best way nowdays?)

Depends on the kind of files. Is this your main hdd including your os and tools, or are those simply e.g. mp3 files or soemthing similar (i.e. just data files) ?

Most of them data files.


Ignition is a CD/DVD burning optimizer. It helps you saving space on your media by optimizing the way files are placed on the CDs/DVDs of your set. For example if your backup fits on 3-4 CDs, a manual files organazation might lead on a 4th with only 10 Mb of data when a better organization would have only required 3 CDs. Thanks to Ignition, you’ll save medias, time and money.

Can’t you just RAR them with best compression and the recovery mode on and select DVD size. WinRAR will create perfectly sized files that fit on a DVD.


Nero 6 has a backup program within itself-

Have never used it as I backup to another hard drive using Acronis True Image 7-