How To Backup DVD to DVD-RW

I wanted to know if I could backup a DVD movie to a DVD-RW disk. I’ve been making a few coasters lately and wanted to do this to save a few disk. The DVD-RW will be the test disk to make sure the burn went ok before putting it on a DVD-R.

I formatted a DVD-RW disk using Roxio 6 but when I tried to use it to burn, it would not let me because Roxio Drag-to-Disk was using the drive. I tried just copying the files in explore and tried to play the movie, but that did not work.

I just need to know the steps involved to do this. From actually formatting the disk to make it re-writable to the setting up the burn process.

I have:
Roxio 6
Nero 6 (preferred)
DVD Shrink
DVD Decrypter
Lite-On 812S
Onkyo 702

I believe Roxio 6 Drag-to-Disk and other DVD copying software do not play well together on the same PC. At one point I was using DVD Shrink and Nero only and installed Roxio 6 and could not burn DVD’s anymore. Once I uninstalled Roxio 6, everything was back to normal. If there is a work around for this please let me know. I use both apps for different purposes. (Roxio 6 for CD/DVD RW formatting & Nero along with DVD Shrink for DVD’s)

If any other info is needed, please let me know. Thank in advance for the help.

Dump Roxio, use Nero. The disc has to be marked as DVD Video for most DVD players to see it. You cant use Drag-toDisk or InCD to make the disc. Process the files using DVD Shrink. Open Nero. Cancel out of the wizard. Go to Recorder and hit erase disc. Hit New. Select DVD Video. Place the files in the VIDEO_TS folder. Burn the disc. Whether it works depends on your player. DVD-RW is less compatible than either +/-R. It depends on whether your player can see the disc. If its a newer model, it should work.

So I don’t have to format an RW disk first. I always though that you would have to format the disk initially and then it would be ready for read, write, and erase. Something like floppies used to be before they came preformatted.

So with the method you described, all I would have to do is erase the disk first, and then I could burn. I could erase and burn over and over again.

No, zazonz is correct. Just use the rewritable the same as you would use a DVD-R. Formatting is only necessary when using drag and drop.


if you are getting coasters it is probibly due to the DVD-RW being damaged or just being sued to many times, i personaly dont like any RW media as it is nearly allways not as good as R.

ben :slight_smile:

That’s been my experience too. I currently have several lawsuits pending against defective DVD-RWs. :bigsmile:

I can only share the views expressed. I have lost some valuable data because of -RW. Personally, I don’t think that they are reliable, so I prefer to use -R.