How to backup Deal Or No Deal

First of all, can I say Hi and thank you for the help you’ve given in the past whilst I sit in the background and listen to what you all have to say…

However, after reading through the various posts and offerings on my problem, and trying out the solutions (that I’m able to) I still am struggling, so here goes…help please!!

I have been bought “Deal Or No Deal” for a present and as I’m tired of my dvds going walkies I wanted to back it up before my mates get their hands on it and I never see it again. However I’m struggling.

I have anydvd and CloneDvd2(latest versions) and Nero & Dvd_shrink. I have a standard Dvd burner, not able to write d/l discs (or so I think) its a NEC ND-6650a.

I have tried to rip to image, etc but it is still showing up at over 8gb so wont fit onto a standard disc. One user says she’s done this to a non d/l disc, and was just wondering what I was doing wrong or if I’m just attempting the impossible…

So guys,

a) Can this be done with my system and software?
b) If so, how?
c) If not, which is the best writer / discs to buy to sort this problem out?

Thanks afor your help in advance…


I personally do not have any experience with CloneDVD2 whatsoever, but a quick search led me to find the following guide with screenshots and everything :

How to copy a DVD-9 to DVD±R using CloneDVD 2

CU, Martin.

Edit: The guide is best viewed in MIE6 instead of in Fx2, but Fx2 users(like myself) can then just use the awesome IE Tab extension, which by a single mouse-click, can re-render the page in Fx2’s current window(or a new tab) with IE’s rendering engine :slight_smile:

Are “Deal Or No Deal” a game or dvd-movie.

Its a Dvd-Game - thanks

I got it to work from the information given from Martin-H (Thank you, by the way) but it compresses it so much it doesnt work properly. So, has anyone done this to a std 4.7gb disc and it works perfectly?
Other than that - can I have some recommendations for d/l writers please.

Lite-On, BenQ, Pioneer, LG, NEC, Plextor, :wink:

CloneDVD can’t handle a game dvd, only dvd-video.

Never tried this before but try ripping with DVD Decrypter then burn with Nero or Roxio

It’s almost impossibel to do a working copy of a dvd-game.

The hardware can’t handle the copyprotection.

It’s an interactive dvd game for stand-alone players.

See this thread for further information and details of how to make a back-up copy.