How to Backup and Rip/Convert DVD Movie to Your Creative

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i think it may help some people want to make their own videos playing on ipod, so share it here.

As you wish, you can just convert the DVD movie into a smaller movie in your hands, and you would also extract your favorite segments or clips from one DVD movie or more, and merge them together and rip into a small collection of movie shows.

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to simply rip or convert DVD to back up DVD movie to your HDD or Portable Devices.

Step1. Download and install Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate

Step2. Run Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate and load DVD or DVD files
Load DVD movie you want to rip. Click “Open DVD” button and open a DVD disc in your DVD RW drive. You can also load DVD Folder, ISO File and IFO File by clicking the little triangle symbol next to “Open DVD” button or load them from “File” in the tool bar.

Step3. Set output file parameters
Click “Profile” pull down list to choose suitable formats to rip DVD movie for your device. Then you can rename the title/chapter selected, adjust video size, video and audio qualities etc on “Profile Settings” panel and set more parameters e.g. audio and video codec. Note! The profile , which you have adjusted to rip DVD movie, is special and different from its original data. Need it in future, save and rename it by clicking “Save As” button and you could find it in “User Defined” of “Profile List”.

If you have other device like iPod, Zune and a mobile phone which need video in different formats, press “Add Profile” button to add another profile for different devices, check them all to get these output videos at the same time. Note! You have to select the title or chapter before add a new profile to rip DVD movie.

Step4. Select audio, subtitle and set the output file location
Choose audio, subtitle and angle you like for the DVD movie rip software to rip the selected title.

Specify the path for the output file:

Here the “Destination” can be selected either from the pull down list or browse through your PC to specify a folder where the output file will be saved. Please make sure enough free hard disk space to store the output file. It depends on the file size of DVD movie you selected to rip in Step three.

Step5. Start to rip DVD movie
Click “Rip” button to start to rip DVD movie if you are satisfied with all the parameters. It will take different time depending on different parameters to rip DVD movie: DVD movie duration, CPU strength and file & codec settings.

You can press or button to pause or abort the DVD movie rip process. After the conversion is over you can either watch your DVD movie on your PC or upload your file to the device you prepared for.

In fact, you are offered more video effects and editing setting options before starting to rip DVD.

You might need to cut some segments from your DVD movie, or merge and rip DVD movie segments as a new video to play or share. Here is the solution: Click icon and “Clip” window pops up.

Click the “New Clip” icon to create a new segment, and then reset its start time and end time. You can produce several such DVD movie segments by creating new clips. You can move up and down any clip and merge them into one by marking the check box of “Output segments as whole one”. Of course, you can also adjust the sequence of the clips by dragging them after finishingck “Merge” icon to merge and rip DVD movie segments into another video file. It makes that easier to make your own collection of wonderful movies.

Another impressive function to rip DVD movie that deserves to recommend is “Effects”. Click the icon and the Effects window pops up. Here you will see four icons respectively representing Crop, Effect, Subtitle Adjust and Watermark. Note! All these functions will be enabled when the DVD movie is playing.

You will cut off and remove black margin of original DVD movie by setting video size or adjusting the pink lines on the screen.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the DVD movie image, and even add special effects to produce an old film or others which could be previewed.

Subtitle Adjust:
You can select a subtitle, adjust its Transparence value and the vertical position, and change the subtitle colors. You can rip DVD movie to a video pleasing to the eyes if the subtitle has been set to a suitable color and position.

It is an interesting function to rip DVD movie because you could add and edit words as a label to your DVD movie or admiring words to your babies. In addition, a picture or a logo could be added as a watermark to the DVD movie. If you want a text watermark, mark “Add Text Watermark”, edit your words in the box below, press "picture " icon to set the fond effect, and adjust its position and transparence value. Otherwise, you could browse a picture when marking “Add Picture Watermark”, and adjust its size and other settings below.

Now click “Comparing Preview” icon to preview and compare original DVD movie with the one edited for rip in two windows. Click “OK” to save your settings if you are satisfied, or you can click “Preview Effects” icon to return and modify the settings. Click OK to save it till you like them.

You can start to rip DVD movie now after you set the Profiles and Destination for the output files.

Now you can watch your video rip from DVD movie on whatever portable devices iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and PMP etc.

That’s pretty kewl…how is the A/V sync?

And a working link to the product would be nice also.

[QUOTE=Bob;2051110]That’s pretty kewl…how is the A/V sync.[/QUOTE]

:)hi, Bob, what do u mean “the A/V sync”, have u met the problem with audio and vedio sync? up to now , we haven’t received any feedback about A/V sync problem.

[QUOTE=Bob;2051110]And a working link to the product would be nice also.[/QUOTE]
a working link? do you mean adding a link(on their website) of this product here?

  1. yes and also will it use 100% of both of my CPU cores when converting?

2.No a working link for Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate or i’ll just search…

Thank you.

Q1 If your have a duo core computer, that will occupy one of it

Q2 here is the link for this product http://

[QUOTE=imtoosoft;2062952]Q1 If your have a duo core computer, that will occupy one of it

Q2 here is the link for this product http://[/QUOTE]Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

really my pleasure :slight_smile: