How to backup Accesstek DD0201 firmware

i recently bought a Verbatim dual DVD package that is in fact a AccessTek DD0201… rebadged
My firmware rev. is quite old (2.16) since accesstek released 2.60 now.
I just want to find a way to backup my original firmware for the sake of the warranty (and flashing-fear) and since it’s RPC1, right out of the box ! :slight_smile:

I’ve got another couple of questions:

  • do i need to put the drive on a IDE channell alone when i flash it?
  • should i disable DMA in my bios to correctly flash the drive?

Thanks in advance

Your only hope would be to use this tool: LC897490 ATA Task Flash Programming Utility for MS-DOS

It is always wise to disconnect any other drives while flashing. DMA mode is not terribly important.