How to backup a VR disc that the drive and ISOBuster will not detect?

Hi all,

I have a bunch of home movies on DVD+Rs in one of the VR formats (pretty sure it’s +VR but could be wrong)… I want to back up ISOs of these discs. Problem? Getting a drive to read them. I have an external Samsung optical drive (model SE-S084C) hooked up to my Windows XP-Boot Camped MacBook.

Under XP I have the latest ISOBuster (free version) installed… however the drive, which doesn’t understand the VR disc, tries to read it several times and gives up. It doesn’t even tell Windows that a disc is in the drive, and ISOBuster continues to say “no media present”.

I know the discs themselves aren’t too messed up because normal DVD players will play them just fine. I just can’t seem to get a computer DVD drive to understand them. One or two are really scratched, but most aren’t, and even those really unscratched ones will not mount. Can someone recommend a solution? Is there away to force ISOBuster to read the disc, or is there a brand/model/whatever of DVD drive that works well with VR discs?

I really, really want to be able to back these up… They’re already what, 3 or 4 years old now? I know enough about burnable DVDs to know they aren’t guaranteed to last. These are family videos backed up from ancient VHS’s. I don’t want to go through that all over again, and even if I did, I don’t know what kind of shape the tapes will be in. Please, can anyone offer me a solution?

Okay the disc is definitely +VR, and finalized.

I think the problem is the drive .
First I would see if I could get the correct drivers for XP & this drive.
If that fails an updated firmware flash.
You didn’t say if this drive plays other discs OK .Does it ?

ISOBuster would not be my first choice for this rip.
I can rip this with DVDFab6 (free after trial version). I haven’t got a newer version.
CloneDVD2 can also rip this type disc but it’s not free.
ImgBurn will also rip it if all you want is to rip to an.iso & .mds.Select the .mds when burning. Then back to disc with ImgBurn.

I don’t know what the best drive would be for an external.

[QUOTE=RedZone;2564055]Okay the disc is definitely +VR, and finalized.[/QUOTE]

Yeah If they’re on DVD+Rs then they have to be in DVD+VR format.

DVD+VR is fully compatible with the DVD-Video standard and although it has to be structured in a certain way it’s all within the DVD-Video specifications.

So you should be able to see the files in IsoBuster or any other program of your choice, even Windows Explorer.

DVD-VRs are normally the ones that give users problems but DVD+VR discs are readable via a PC as well as on standalone players.

For the record the DVD+VR format uses the standard VIDEO_TS folder along with a VIDEO_RM folder.

For normal DVD playback though all you really need is the VIDEO_TS folder since the VIDEO_RM folder contains data used exclusively by the recorder and is completely ignored by normal DVD players.

If you’re definite that they’re DVD+Rs then perhaps it’s some issue with the WinXP/Mac setup but I’m unfortunately not familiar with Macs at all so I can’t really give any specific advice on this.

Try reading them in a native Windows PC and see if that works.