How to backup a DVD without foreign languages

It has been a long time since I have backed up a movie but I know I used to beable to edit out all the different audio formats as well as choosing which movie format I wanted whether it was English, Spanish or French.

I have done this with DVD Decrypter then using Image Burn I have tried using the ISO format as well as the IFO. IFO seems to break it down but doesn’t tell me which files are which. Am I missing something or is it just certain Movies don’t list things like that any more?

Hope this is clear enough for people to help me on this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Just trying to back up some children’s movies for my brother-n-law so my nephew doesn’t ruin the originals.

You can use dvd shrink. Simply uncheck all unwanted features

Thanks I may have to resort to that but I know with the 2 programs listed I have done this before but been awhile would rather use the ones I have at the time being.

Dvd shrink is a very easy to use software, and don’t need much knowledges about IFO files manipulation. And it also allows to save edited movies as ISO files, so you can also use imgburn to write on discs :wink:

Simply continue to use DVD Decrypter to rip on HDD, modify files with DVD Shrink, and then burn ISO with imgburn.

DVD decrypter is not more updated, so if you have a movie that can’t be ripped you can use another free tool RipIt4Me

Ok but if I decrypt it as an ISO how can I manipulate the IFO files…

I know if I decrypt it using DVD decrypter with the settings using ANYDVD to help decrypt by enabling ELBYCDIO interface and then unchecking the “Check for structure Protection” I still can’t get a 1:1 copy…

Also I found I can use the streaming but not sure how this actually works do I have to go into each chapter and take off (uncheck) the foreign language things and just leave the English and audio checked for each chapter?

Also some of the movies have up coming previews and such for other movies I would like to remove all of these as well. (this is only on DVD which he bought used from Blockbuster)…

DVD Shrink is able to read also ISO files.

If you don’t like dvd shrink, maybe you can take a look to clonedvd or to DVD Remake

ok I have gotten DVD Shrink now. I intsalled it and now unchecked all the foreign languages and audio as well… and then clicked on back-up and selected a place for it to put the file…

Question will this work with Polar Express? I have tried many times several different ways to get this movie to back up, but can’t one time it will play fine and another will lock up half way through or not even be recognized by a stand alone player and I did change the media type from DVD+R to DVD ROM in the image burn…

Anything else I might have missed either for this movie or for any other settings using the DVD Shrink???


DVD shrink can produce perfectly compliant DVDs.

Most of times playback problems on standalones are due to a low quality disc. What discs are you using exactly? Changing booktype in ROM is certainly a good idea, but if you use a low quality disc like Princo or memorex, you can have playback problems anyway.

I am using RIDATA Double Layer 8.5 2.4x DVDs I have used these on many other movies which I have backed up in the past and never had a quality issue (at least none I could notice) might be different now with the higher quality Samsung 40" 1080p LCD…but not sure as of yet…

I strongly suggest you to use only verbatim dual layer discs. Until now only verbatim discs proved to be reliable.

For what I know Ridata are among the worst DL discs ever produced. I suggest you to check your other backups, because it can happen that these discs become unreadable after few months.

If your backups are burned on DL discs, then you don’t need to do any compression, so quality is the same of the original. Using a larger television doesn’t affect quality. But if you use a low quality disc, playback can be stuttered.

Ok not sure if I did this right or not wanting to check before wasting another DVD… do I decrypt using dvd shrink or do I use DVD decrypter 1st if I do DVD decrypter 1st do I use IFO format or ISO format…then how do I take out things like director commentaries and other movie previews?

ok think I got it now :0 I used DVD decrypter “file type” saved it to a folder then in the DVD Shrink I went into re-author and just selected the title 1 from main movie. It has title 1, title 1 Angle 2, title 3 angle 3. I don’t think I need all those different ones do I? I just the title 1 should be good right? Not using the main menu screen or anything else in the movies just wanting the movie to play as soon as the dvd door closes. Also since I am doing it that way is there a way then to put the sequel movie on so it plays after that one instantly or even to be able to put a break in there so if not wanting to watch the 1st movie can skip straight to the second movie?


Yes brad72 you can

Here is a link to a guide just ignore that it is using DvD Shrink 3.1. And if I remember correctly all you have to do is to jump to the next show is use the title feature on your dvd remote or sometime like that.

Click on the next button to proceed through the guide.

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