How to Back-Up Stronghold 2?

Hi im trying to back up Stronghold 2 but it doesn’t read the disk???
If anyone could plz help it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

What program are you using to do the back-up?

You might want to try RipIt4Me.

The game uses securom v.7 as its copy protection.

See the tutorials for making a back-up copy-

  1. With RMPS emulation.

  2. Without emulation (but with twinsector patching).

Oh…It was a game…LOL.

I thought it was a movie…now I feel stupid.

I prefer to use the 2 option (twinsector patching) because it has workde for me.

Ok thanks for your help guys and Hyperspace don’t wori about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried to back it up using option 2 but it didn’t work it just says “Unable to authenticate original disc in time limit” Any ideas & im just about to try the first 1 so hopefully it works!

I tried the first option and it worked fine thanks :clap: