How to back up only one of two titles on DVD (Top Gun) and preserve menus?

The Top Gun DVD has both, widescreen and fullscreen, versions of the movie on one DVD. They are set up as two different titles.

The total DVD size is 7.86 GB and each title is under 4GB in size.

How do I back up, say, just the widescreen version of the movie and also preserve all the menus and chapter index for the title, without any compression?

DVDShrink can save (1) the whole movie (widescreen and fullscreen) with menus after compression, or (2) either of the titles without menus or chapter index.

DVDFab can split the movie into two DVDs but I cannot control it to split exactly at the end of the first title.

Is there any free or shareware software that will automatically save either title with the menu structure?

Another option is to use DVD shrink to back up one of the titles without compression and then use TMPGenc DVD Author to create the chapter index, but it doesn’t save more than one audio track! :frowning:

Something like DVDFab which allows me to control where to split each disc, and allow the extras and menus to be saved on both discs, will be ideal.


I have DVD stripping tool in my hands that does just that :slight_smile:

it’s still being developed and tested and will be released very shortly and available probably for a very small donation fee

it makes the process of selectively stripping a DVD as simple as clicking a button :smiley:

watch this space HERE

I just figured out that Nero Recode does exactly what I wanted. It is similar to DVD Shrink except that it also allows titles to be deleted!

I loaded the DVD in Recode, chose Title 2, pressed Delete, and then encoded the dvd. Worked like a charm!