How to back up NEC 2500 firmware? - Newbie here

I am an absolute newbie. I would appreciate answers to the following questions:

  • How can I identify the firmware version of my drive?

  • How can I can I back up the present version of my firmware?

Do not hesitate to go into too much detail. I need and will appreciate all the help I can get.

Check your firmware:

Backup your firmware (in real DOS):

I went to the Dangerous Brothers web page but am not sure as to which utility to use to backup my firmware.

Should I use the NEC 2500 DOS 1.00 firmware flasher listed at the top of the page?

Or alternatively, should I use one of the 3 files shown lower in the page under “Firmwares that work”?

This is new stuff for for me and I had rather be overly cautious than sorry.

The ones on there site work ok. Listed at the bottom:-)

I am running media test Q on both V1.06 Versions Around.
1.062003121900 and the 1.062003121800.

On Ritek G04`Z dvdr 4X CODE:J33L19310160623BO3
First read test on 900 firm, B*** excellent, shall post pics l8ter.

Media MAD;-)
PS: some bad tests i have had and seen here maybe down to specks of dust on disks.
Cannot see, but if you just breath on the disks they show up?.
So i am using a Micro cloth to clean before burning:-)