How to back up Gran Turismo 4



can you help on how to back this stupid game!!! because when i check its properties it shows only 3.2 g and then when i use the copy it its say 5.3 g whats you think is the problem? there is no copy protection on it…


If this is the ps2 game you will need a patch which i think is not availible yet…
DMS4 chip owners will have it first as there techs (team toxic) figured it out but it will also be availible for other chip users…


there’s any way to copy this one? like the movie you can recode it to 4.7 g any software for that? like reauthoring?


As its a DVD9 game to reduce it to DVD5 you would have to rip a lot out best if you have a double layer burner to just wait on the patch and back it up to double layer media…


how to rip it? what software to be use? i have a double layer writer but i want it to put in single layer disc only


Listen to what he is saying. There is NO WAY to properly back this up unless you have a DMS4 chip. If you bothered to read any of the PS2 forums you would know that this game is a real PITA. Mods close this thread please, cause someone really needs to learn how to use the damn search button


it is possible to backup with this
read all about it in this file comes with the apps used and the instructions
all hail Backuptools :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

EDIT BTW it does it to Single Layer DVD EDIT