How to back-up Ghost-Recon:AW?

I’m lost. I have Yamaha CRW-F1, Plextor Plexwriter Premium cdrws; various Pioneer/Nec DVD writers and a Benq DVD writer. I own CloneCD, Nero6, Roxio CD Creator…

Can I make a 1:1 copy of my cd game?

Thanks for reading my pleadings…

What copy protection does the game use? Scan with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID and let us know.

I’ll check when I get home from work tomorrow morning!
24hr shifts SUCK.

v1.00 = SecuROM 7.21.0009
v1.16 = SecuROM 7.24.0008
v1.21 = SecuROM 7.24.0009
v1.30 = SecuROM 7.27.0007 (latest version till now)

Assuming that it is a cd rather than a dvd-

  1. Plex Premium copy (no-emulation).

  2. RMPS emulation copy.

  3. Twinsectors non-emulation copy.