How to back up GameCube games?

My friend just got a GameCube and he wants to know what’s needed to back up GameCube games and does he need a modchip to play the back ups? Anyone knows where I can find a guide on how to do this? (Backup games and modding a GC) Thanks.

Yes he needs a Mod Chip and if you use [B]Google [/B] you will find some GC sites that have all the info you need.

There is a swap method that involves an Action Replay Mega Drive or something, so technically no, no modchip is necessary, but some extra hardware is. As for backing up games, it needs to be done through the GameCube over the broadband adapter.

I have read that the GC reads from outside to inside. So say if I streamed an image from the GC, can it be burned on a mini DVD-R (or burned on a regular DVD-R and then cut it to fit?) Also, the modchip my friend thinking of getting is the GC Viper Extreme Chip, does he still need Fantasy Online to play backups if he install that chip? Thanks.

No, the point of the chip is to remove any exploits/swaps/workarounds and just let you boot into a game off a DVD-R like it were a normal disc. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have much of a product on their hands.

So if he installed the Viper Extreme modchip, he can just burn a game image from a GC disc onto a mini-DVD and the GC will play it normally? Or does he need to stream that disc from his compu’s DVD-Rom? Thanks.

No, the disc will play in the GameCube. If he wanted to stream something, he wouldn’t have to spend money on the chip.

Cool, thanks for the info.

One related question, what’s the difference between regular DVD-R and mini DVD-R, can I burn a game on a regular DVD-R and cut it to fit? (Assuming I can cut it right) Thanks again.

No, cutting it would oxidize the dye inside the DVD-R and render it unreadable. You could take the top of the case off the GameCube to play it, or buy a replacement top that can fit a full size disc.

Thanks, I’ll tell him to check into a replacement top. One more question, does it matter if he uses DVD-R or +R?