How to back up DVD with protection?



Back up a interactive DVD tthat is protected with dvd-cops? It is very expensive and I would like to have a back up for obvious reaons.

Used clonyxxl to identify and then acholoer for setting under both alcohol and clone cd. The problem when dvd is put into drive the setting disappear in alcohol. The only option that becomes availalbe is skip reading errors. It seems to think the dvd is one large track or something ( perhaps thinks it is a movie dvd? ). Clone CD same thing. The only then I can chose is DVD under profiles (v5).

Perhaps a profile for clone cd or something??


Know one? All I am asking is why the options disappear when the dvd is inserted. Is there a work around? Is it detected my software??


The Options dissipear because they aren’t supported in Alcohol, they only support DPM (Data Positioning Measurment) on DVD’s. All you can do is make a mdf/mds file, and mount it on a virtural drive.


It is a dvd…your mean a movie dvd do you??


If you mean “movie” by saying “interactive DVD” all you have to do is to download the lastest versions of AnyDVD, DVDDecrypter, DVDFab or DVDShrink.
The last I’ve mentioned will be needed if you’re about to copy double-layer DVDs which exceed the standard capacity of DVD-5. It will allow you to compress a movie so it will fit on DVD-R.


I mean it is a educational interactive DVD…not a movie. Your statment of not supporting DPM doesn’t make sense to me. I assume somehow when dvd is put into drive it disables the “burning” software. It is my understanding that it can detect some “emulated” or “virtual” drives.

Anyway to fix this?? Mounting an image doesn’t work…