How to back-up DVD pc Games

I just received several newer games for the PC and I know they are all starting to come as DVDs instead of several CDs. Which is a good thing!!! :iagree: But the bad thing is now, my girlfriends daughter is almost 3 and sees these sitting on my desk when I am not around and starts playing with them thinking they are a dvd movie of hers :a … I am trying to keep them put up as well as I can but would feel much better if I could back them up like I used to with all my old games that came out on CDs…

Is there such a program out there that will back these up as a 1:1 like Alcohol 120%???

Any and all guidance will be greatly appreciated…

First we need to know which protection is used on each disc which can be found it via scanning tools, our copy protection list or you take a look at and look for your title using their database.

well if you have alcohol 120 then all you have to do is use the tool mentioned above and set your alcy to copy disk and select that copy protection from the bottom left hand corner. should (by default) say “custom”. select the appropriate protection then continue normally.

There are no ‘real’ profiles for DVDs like you have when you backup CD based games.