How to back up DVD movie using #1 DVD Ripper

I am very green in backing up my DVD’s and would like to learn. A search on #1 DVD Ripper turned up unsuccessful. The program #1 DVD Ripper with DivX 6.2.1 and attempts to use 2nd Pass mode to back up my movie, Gladiator go nowhere. Specifically setting up for 2nd Pass results in “Wrong setting for avi codec.”
Thanks for any help.

What do you want with this program?

Find a better one here:

Have you ever tried #1 DVD Ripper? Is it that bad?

:slight_smile: I download a dvd ripper at , it works pretty good .

hey, i dunno if you guys would know how to rip dvd movies onto the pc as one single video file, just the movie itself so im able to import it to an editing program, but when i rip it with a dvd ripper, i jus get all the little file u see when u open the dvd disk with the pc, thnx alot if ya can help :slight_smile: apperciate it!!!