How To Back Up All Sony Discs

I yet to find a DVD that i have not been able to back up. I use ANY DVD and Clone DVD 2. On Sony discs just back up the movie and you will always have a working copy.

If you will look at the copy proection it is always in the ifo. files. When you do movie only you bypass the looping problem which has just started with the sony discs. I personally just make movie backups of all my discs to hell with all the extra features.

I understand that their might be a lot of newbies out their. So maybe this will help you out

You are so right
good advice

That’s probably why a lot of us have no problems with these two software packages . We do movie only backups of our DVDs…

True but i’d like to see an update fix. This protection needs to be dealt with.

Have you been able to do a full dvd backup of All the kings Men?

I don’t like movie only backups. I prefer the menu and the chapter selection with my movies I don’t like all the BS trailers, promos, studio logos etc, either but I like my menus.

I second that! :clap:
In my endevour to back up some of these movies, I have found them to be increasing more diffucult. (hope the Sony spys aren’t monitoring)
The problem vob’s in these disks, are becoming harder to single out. (ie: All The King’s Men). When trying to play these backups, you can see the problem areas. Just watching the player during playback, will identify the titles that keep looping. However, finding these sections is diffucult after ripping, because they become “blanked” by the encryption removal tool, during the process of removing bogus title sets, and blanking unreferenced material. I cannot find the anti piracy warnings, with VobBlanker, in All The Kings Men, after I rip it with AnyDVD. The cells that cause the problems, appear as blank screens when I try to isolate them. Those warnings are buried in there somewhere, and I have spent hours trying to find them to no avail.
Without AD or like tools, bad pointers or “bogus title sets” will prevent you from ripping, with cyclic errors, so it’s a catch 22.
I would be happy to back up movie only, but how long will it be before this “encreption” is incorporated into the main title sets?
Maybe DVD43 may work for now, I don’t know, but I am hoping that James is working on this problem, and that a resolution is forthcoming, because I am a die hard SlySoft Freak, and proud of it.

Hopefully, it will get updated so you can back up your DVDs they way you want to, SS always attempts to get it right. You can bet your last dollar that $ony and the other producers of anti-copy protection schemes monitor forums to see how their latest protection schemes are working. Eventually all the schemes get overcome and copying is done. Sorta like a chess game on both sides of the fence.

I don’t agree. You also have the unreadable sectors of VOB files - also a part of the copy protection. A corrupt UDF file system is another used trick.

Please try this beta version:
It should fix the navigational problems with newer Arccos versions.

That did it James. Works fine with default settings now.

Forgot to say thank you to James. Happy Holidays.