How to back up a game on PSX for my son?

Kiaora all from New Zealand , first time in the forum so please excuse my stupidity.
i have a question , how to back up a game on PSX for my son, before it is to scratched beyond repair. i have following things on my PC
CDRWIN, clony XXXL , Cdrom , Dvdrom.PSX is modchipped for NTSC games

i have a problem knowing what to do once i recognize the type of protection used by ClonyXXL i.e is medal of honour -underground.

if anyone can tell me were to find a “how to copy PSX games” tutorial it would make life much easier as the disks i have are very old already.
The Tin Man

Hi, I’m new here too, and a kiwi :slight_smile:

Here is a CD Freaks article on the topic – PSX Copy FAQ - Index

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Put the disc into your burner

Click ‘Copy CD Wizard’

In the drop-down box, make sure “Playstation 1” is selected as the media type/protection

Select the source as your CD burner

When that’s done, put in a blank CD, and then it should work.

That was very brief, but you should get the idea.

I’m not the expert on the topic, but isn’t NZ(as well as Aus) using the PAL system? Does your Mod Chip also support PAL Games(which i assume your game is, of course unless you picked it up overseas.)