How to back up a cd(ps1) to a dvd?



Hey iam trying to backup my old ps1 games in a dvd but the ps2 console is not reading them is says cannot read disc in a black background.
i have a mod chip. thanks


You have to copy a cd game to a cd not to a dvd.

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but i have a lots of ps1 games and i need to make 4 games to a dvd can u help me

a ps1 games in a dvd thanks


you can backup ps1 games as ISO files to a DVD but they WON’T BE PLAYABLE on the PS2 unless you burn them to a CD. It is technically not possible to burn multiple games to a single disc and play them on a console.


There are some games in Japan (particularly pirated games), that have more than one game on one disc.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen multiple PS2 games on one disc but I damn sure remember seeing multiple PS1 games on a single CD.

I tried one of these discs on my ancient PSX console and it did work. What it basically does is once the disc boots up, it comes to a menu where you can choose your game out of the selection. Once you’ve made your selection, the game starts as it would normally. But if you want to play another game from that same disc, then you need to reset the console.

Make no mistake about it, it’s very possible. But unfortunately for the original poster, I have no idea how it was done.


this thread is a bit dusty but i wanted to say my opinion to this. if you compare psx and ps2 with the hardware one should come to the answer himself. a psx has only a CD-ROM drive and the ps2 has a DVD-ROM drive downward compatible. how should the psx CD lens read the DVD since the ps2 has 2 different drive modes. psx CD-Mode and ps2 CD/DVD-Mode? Clear enough? :disagree: