How to avoid the 'select screen' when starting DVDFab

Hi there

In the past, there was a different build for DVDFab HD Decrypter. It was just the ‘free’ build without extra features of platinum or gold. I recently downloaded version 5 and I noticed that there is only one build that installs the trial for Platinum or asks to use HD. I was disappointed for two reasons:

a) I don’t like the fact that program doesn’t start. I want to start the program and go into it without having to see how many days are left and choose to use HD version. I liked it the way it was in the past. And frankly, I prefer the 2 separate builds or 1 build that allows you to select to install only the HD version (basically you make one build with a ‘clever’ installer.

b) All the software I use is freeware. I don’t like to install trial software that installs some secret keys in registry to count days and stuff. Don’t blame me for that. I just need my PC as clean as possible.

I would therefore like to know if it is possible to avoid that select screen in the beginning.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

It is not possible. This has been discussed at length in the forum–use the advanced search for the term “nagware” for threads in the past month. I stated my opinion in the thread you will find.

Manicx: in your other post didn’t you say that you wasn’t going to use fab anymore that you were going to use the other programs? why are you here asking about FAB products again