How to avoid the 9th second gap?

Hi there,

I try to make a copy of the Blind Guardian Live. But, as usual when I try to copy a protected audio CD, I simply can’t avoid the infamous “9th second gap” on every track!

I use a Plextor drive (PX-W1210A) and I already tried 6 methods:

  • Plextools 2.07:[ul][li]1st session only DAE,[]CD Copy (1st session only/not);[/ul]- EAC with:[ul][]1st session only,[]manual TOC;[/ul]- CloneCD in:[ul][]audio CD mode,[*]protected game mode.[/ul]
    So what can I do? I read on some thread that BurnAtOnce may help… So:

  • How do I have to configure it?

  • Does he have good ripping quality or will it be a “better than nothing” solution?

  • Why (technically speaking) should he help me to avoid the “9th second gap”, better than other softwares?

Thanks for any help…

here is an older answer that helped me ripping avril lavigne - let go.

QUOTE]Originally posted by XORFF
[B]All of the current Plextor recorders and all Plex SCSI-CDROMs are able to extract those horrioble CDS200-versions without clicks and drop-outs.
You can use ExactAudioCopy 0.9 beta 4 for that purpose but you’ll have to tweak it a little bit:
a) Install EAC in expert mode in order to get the function Action -> Detect TOC manually.
b) Open the drive settings and select “burst mode”, 4x reading speed and “read command D8”. Higher speeds may cause drop-outs.
c) Insert the disc and select “Action -> Detect TOC manually”. This will take a few minutes.
d) Select the tracks to be grabbed and rip them.
e) Play the WAVe-files before you burn them in order to ensure quality.

On the other hand there’s a more comfortable way to achieve good WAVes with the current Plextor recorders.
You need:
a) The lastest firmware (1210TA: V1.10, 1210TS: 1.05, 1610TA: 1.05, 2410TA: 1.04, 4012TA: 1.03).
b) PlexTools 1.13a or higher.
Open PlexTools, go to drive settings, check the box “single session” and choose 4x reading-speed.
Change to the DAE-module and select ignore errors in preferences.
c) Insert the disc, wait until it’s recognized and press F5 (refresh).
d) Select the tracks and rip’em.
e) Play the WAVe-files before you burn them in order to ensure quality.

The bottom line for the current CDS200-versions with Plex recorders is quadruple reading-speed. Otherwise there will be distorsion in the sound-files.

The following CDS200-versions (ref. hidden file VERSION.TXT on the disc) have already been successfully extracted in that way:

CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12a
CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b
CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 16a
CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 16c

P.S.: Correction: PlexTools advices, pt. e) [/B][/QUOTE]

hope that helps you, it worked for me back those days :wink: